BBD - Shooter

This is one of my projects at TMOT — I’m
going to be making projects and working with them to design a curriculum for
their Better By Design program — a course to build design thinking skills in
children and inspire them to be innovators.

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The maker team was ideating based on a theme for projects — superheroes. Most
superheroes have a shooting setup, Bow and Arrow, Ceossbow, (Gun?). We set out
to build our own within our objective (use readily available resources.)

This is what the final creation looks like

The process stared with an exoskeleton, like last time. The important part about
the design and the mechanism was the slit on the exoskeleton — It performs as a
viewing point for aiming, a space for increased tension, as well as gives space
for a mechanism for the release.

Two Popsicle sticks served as railings, and guiding mechanisms for the “arrow”
released to be shot.

The slit was hollow, and to maintain a sturdy structure for the shooter, the
exoskeleton had a padding of 4 layers of cardboard within itself.

Next, the arrow itself was made, with a slot in it, so that it would be easy to
shoot with rubberbands. The resource used for this was just a wooden dowel.

This is what the shooter looks like. Another thread streches the rubberband,
which itself locks into a slot, from where release is quick. An eraser, or
anything wished to be shot can be put in this slot.

Here are all the pictures

Collage yo.

I made a spin-off with this. Instead of shooting the eraser, the wooden dowel is
what is being shot. The rubberbands are glued to the exterior of the popsicle
sticks, and I added a handle on this for better sturdiness.

It looks quite similar to the MP9 SMG -

All it needs is another handle

Here it is, in action -

It feels good to hold a gun. Something like a gun. I need to come up with a name
for it.