BBD - Wolverine

This is one of my projects at TMOT — I’m
going to be making projects and working with them to design a curriculum for
their Better By Design program — a course to build design thinking skills in
children and inspire them to be innovators.

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That’s what I set out to make ^^

I saw this project on Youtube,
and then set out to build it on my own.

I faced difficulties right away, since I had no idea how to make use of the
tools available to me.

I had been using scales wrong. For 13 years.

I had been using a ruler wrong, I realized I was always drawing slant lines, and
that’s why I was never able to crease the cardbard to fold well. The makers
guided me, and taught me how to use a ruler to draw straight lines. It’s a
fundamental tool I thought I knew how to use, but turns out, I didn’t.

Glue bullets killed my fingers

Next, I learned how to use the glue gun, and after burning my hands a few times,
I was able to get the cardboard stuck, and the exoskeleton was ready. I know it
looks very ordinary, and it is, but the effort it took me to make it wasn’t.

I cut the claw, out of a popsicle stick. I used a blade, and shaved the edges
off the ice cream stick to make it sharp, I also cut a little line, to serve as
a lock, that brought in the release and retract mechanism.

I cut a slit in the cardboard skeleton, and popped the stick in, and it slid
very well. That was good :)

Now, I had to build the mechanics of the whole thing. I attached wooden dowels —
one on the popsicle stick, and one on the exoskeleton. The tension immediately
released the claw. I didn’t just want a release immediately, I wanted it on my
command, this is where the lock comes in.

I built a structure out of smaller popsicle sticks, that stop the claw from
being released - letting it release only when the lock is pulled on.

And it’s done!

I attached two more of these claws, to build wolverine’s hand!

Here it is, in action!

I will never underestimate the power of cardboard and popsicle sticks again.
Rubberbands too.