Big Questions

Questions. I’ve been asking them as long as I can remember. I love asking them —
I find that I have a better understanding of any concept when I ask them. They
make things interactive and interesting

What’s absurd is the fact that I love the questions I can’t answer! This is
really weird, since you probably think that the whole point of asking questions
is to get an answer!

However, it’s quite the opposite for me. Big questions, that we might not know
the answer to are constant reminders of the fact that there’s more to explore,
and that’s the very feeling that drives our discoveries!
These questions can
be about the smallest of things, or the largest. As long as they wish to explore
their depth and vastness. Even the smallest of things can be complex… very
complex! They hide their complexity, and on our scale become ‘simple’. But
nothing will ever truly be ‘simple’. You might hide the complexity, but can
never destroy it.

Development, and evolution will continue as long as we know that something
hasn’t achieved the ‘perfect state’.

Let’s take an analogy here -
Our knowledge is made of the things that we
have fed light upon, and the unknown is the darkness. As long as we believe that
the darkness exists, the light will keep increasing.

Because of my love for these questions, I’ve decided to learn Big