Gathering Information on the web

Because of my amazing procrastination skills, I browse the web a lot. Often that allows me to add value to conversations, because of the information I’ve loaded into my brain — it’s not always easy to recall, I’m not Eddie Morra on NZT.

I used to get all of information from google searches, but it’s not really easy to google the same thing everyday and get updates on it.

So, I started using all these to get updates, each of them with a separate list of followers

  • Reddit

  • Medium

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Quora

  • Hacker News

  • Product Hunt

  • Futurism

  • XKCD

  • And lots of more sites on my bookmark bar!

I couldn’t use read from all of these when I saw it, and I started using Pocket — Unfortunately that didn’t work either. Within a month, I had 200 unread articles 🤦 In the time it took me to check all those websites for updates, I could easily read some articles.

So, I started using rss! And used feedly as my reader. It was better, but the free plan was limiting… So I bought the pro plan! It wasn’t worth $65 — feedly’s most prominent con is that articles aren’t very readable! I was looking for something to combine feedly and pocket, with better organization — and I finally found what I needed!

My current set up is Pinboard, with it’s rss linked to Inoreader. Pinboard has a really clean interface, and makes it easy for me to organize and save bookmarks, while Inoreader is great for helping me discover content, and read it in a simple and clean format! Even on the free plan, Inoreader is great, so I only have to pay $11 an year for pinboard, but think it’s totally worth it 😄

You can see my profile on Pinboard here.