Technical Sophistication

The Command Line Interface was something I was scared of. The visually
cryptic commands, the boring and colorless navigation, and of course — all the
evil people in hacking movies seemed to be using it 😛.

Some time ago, one of my friends recommended me to check out Michael Hartl’s
tutorial on this tool.
Well, I did and I really loved it! I switched to using linux full time, and
really enjoyed reading his tutorial.

I just finished going through the first section, and am amazed by the power of
the CLI. Michael also introduced my to the concept of technical sophistication,
which was something I was developing constantly, whenever I used a computer, or
helped someone troubleshoot.

The so called non-computer people who ask for help, and who we usually help,
need to follow this simple process to become pro-computer people, and
develop techincal sophistication.

Credits to XKCD

You may ask, what is technical sophistication? Simply put, it is the ability to
find similarities in the programs you use, try to figure out the patterns you
find in them, and make up a virtual set of rules in your head, that can help you
use any other program/tool. It can also mean that you know when you can assume
things, and know how to google something up when required.

Your ‘local computer expert’ isn’t doing anything except applying his technical
sophistication skills to help you troubleshoot. It is quite rare for him/her to
face the exact same problem that you are!

While understanding the command line, I realize that there is a learning curve
while understanding it, but also realize that once I can harness it’s power
for doing things much faster, and in a way, simply.

I have been able to apply my technical sophistication to the command line, and
been able to getsomething out of reading the man pages of commands, and have
been able to learn quite some cool shortcuts, and commands.

Well, this was just an introduction, and there is a lot more to learn, and
explore. In the next section, I’ll be manipulating files.